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South Beach. Perth Western Australia. Photo Slasher



There is one most important rule in photography; you have to take photos every day and lots of it. You will learn quickly what part of day is best to take photos for me morning and evening are best, but for macro I like lots of light so middle of the day is pretty good.

Photo slasher tips

Practical Tips

      Some beach tips
    Wide angle lenses best but you can get good shots from other lenses too.
  • To take a shot on a beach always look for a point of interest or focal point it will break the boring look of the beach.
  • Try to get to a beach in the morning or evening; you will get more interesting effects of shadows and colours.
  • Look for stormy seas, dark clouds, and try black and white photography.


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      Three manual shooting modes in the camera:
  • Manual mode; this mode gives you full control of the camera
  • AV mode; in this mode you control two settings ISO and aperture, shutter speed on auto.
  • TV mode; in this mode you control exposure, ISO and shutter on auto.
      Birds mostly photographed from a distance, so a telephoto lens is essential. If you have a fast DSLR and a 300 or even 400 mm lens you are in business.
  • Tripods or monopods are very handy and you should have one.
  • An aperture around f/4 or f/6.3 should give a blurred background
  • High shutter speeds is essential to bird photography - somewhere around of 1/800 - 1/1600 sec will do but higher will be better.
  • Set your ISO around 800 depends on your camera with my canon D5markIII I can go higher than that, but to avoid excessive noise and loss of detail you can't really go to high.
  • Your autofocus mode should be set to "continuous auto focus" so your camera will continually make adjustments as your subject moves.

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Photo slasher

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Pelicans at Penguin Island. Perth Western Australia

Be Careful of Distortion.

A wide angle often means distortion. This can be a good or bad thing, depends on what special effect you looking for.


Looking for a tips how to take perfect photos just enter "photo tips" in the search box above and you'll find hundreds of tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials from professional and amateur photographers. You have to be prepare to take hundreds of photos of the same object with all different manual setups waste a lot of time in front of the computer and that's haw you'll learn, if you won't do that you'll be wasting time reading all the tips on the net.

Photo slasher

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Photoslasher is all about Vernacular Photography, cameras and lenses. Web design and hosting for amateurs. This is Photo slasher or just photoslayer, photo slasher